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Christmas Light Installation Indianapolis

If you are attempting to find the best Indianapolis Christmas light installation company in Indianapolis you need to look no further. Our professional installers at ReNew Exteriors can hang your exterior residential or commercial Christmas lights during the winter season.  Leaving you with nothing to to worry about at all!  ReNew Exteriors can handle all of your Christmas light installation services at an affordable rate throughout the season, even if you’re a little late in putting up your Christmas lights. What better way to brighten up your home or commercial space than with welcoming and bright Christmas lights during the holiday season?

Chirstmas Light Hanging in Indiana Indianapolis Christmas Light Installation

We offer Christmas lights installation at the beginning of every Christmas season to help you prepare your home for the holidays and to get in the holiday spirit! While it can be difficult to install the lights on your own, and dangerous, especially with the weather, we offer Christmas light installation services that make it easier and quicker to install Christmas lights around your home and in bulk. We offer to hang several types of Christmas lights such as icicle lights, bulb lights, and even landscape lights so that your lawn complements your roof and the rest of your home’s exteriors. We also offer pathway lighting, stair lighting, and even porch lighting, using all Christmas lights you have available to create something unique and stunning for your home’s exterior.


Christmas Lawn Décor

Christmas lawn décor can include anything that also requires connections and installation to your lights and other outdoor outlets. We assist in setting up Christmas lawn décor, especially larger items such as light-up figures, inflatable figures, and figurines that require light and electronic connections for movement, music, or lighting. Christmas lawn décor doesn't have to be a tedious chore to set up, let us take care of it for you with our specialized care and expert service!

Christmas Light Removal

We also offer Christmas light removal at the end of every holiday season for your convenience and comfort. We not only provide services to remove your Christmas lights and but we place them back into storage safely for next year's use. We'll detangle the lights and wrap them securely so that all of the lights remain in tip-top condition and are in working order for the next time you need our Christmas light Installation services. If we find that a strand of lights is out of working order, we'll report it to you for the next steps, and so that you aren't using damaged light strings in next year’s bundle of lights.


The holiday season is always a time of chaos, with the weather changes and planning your events with friends and family, you might forget to decorate your house for Christmas and especially on the outside. To avoid forgetting to decorate your house for Christmas or thinking to yourself, “There’s no one near me to hang my Christmas lights!” we provide scheduling services that make it easy to have your lights up and running at a certain time of year, and to have them removed when the season is over. We’ll speak with you to discuss your favored time for installation and removal and will stick to that schedule for the whole season.

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